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These digital cutting machineries 20 percent cost saving!

These digital cutting machineries 20 percent cost saving!
These digital cutting machineries 20 percent cost saving!
Wed, 12/29/2021 - 07:53

  Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! GBOS team wish its blessings lead into a wonderful year for you and all whom you hold dear! Wish you special joy at the holidays and all year!

  A new year has begun! Are you ready for building your business more and more stronger? In a new year, how to build and improve your core competitiveness in smart manufacturing industry 4.0 era? 

  Here! some digital cutting solutions, lots of smart manufactures' optional! (GBOS Newest Smart Cutter Innovation Review)


  One: Oscillating Knife Digital Cutter.

  1. VC9-1670T/N-4C, Smart Oscillating Digital Cutter. Digital cutting with cutting and punching integrated.

  2. VC9-1670T/N-LCCD-2CCD, Super Oscillating Knife Digital Cutter. Specially for roll materials with printed logo or sheet materials with secondary modify cutting.

  3. VC9-1616TT, Oscillating Knife Digital Cutter for Flexible Full Materials.

  4. KC1625, Digital Cutting Strong Weapon. —— Multi-function Knife Digital Platform.

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shoe accessories .jpg

packing industry _0.jpg

Two: Laser Cutter.

1. GN-1081TT-CCD, Dual-head Async Label Laser Cutter. Double capacity, Less labor.

2. GN602-3D-EP, 3D Heterotype Materials Laser Cutter.

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label laser cutting _0.jpg

Three: PUR Dispensing System.

1. DP-GN1280TT-AT-SCCD, Dual-head Async VisionScan PUR Dispensing System, especially for sportswear, improve comfort! 

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dispensing process _0.jpg

Four, Auto line marking system.

1. SP-GH1280-AT-SCCD, Inkjet line marking machine. 

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Five, Digital and Smart Manufacture Trend!

Let’s build our core competitiveness!

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