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Create More Possibilities

Newest software technology, integrated casting machines, 30+ function modules and mature system create more possibilities for footwear, garment, accessories, advertising, sign & graphic, and automotive digital cutting industry. Whether flexible fabric, stretch fabric, soft leather, or cardboard, rigid materials. All can achieve one-stop smart high efficiency and fast cutting.

Application solutions

Newest auto cut machine, let's say goodbye to die cutting, simplify the production process, improve productivity by more than 2.5 times; Regular materials can be equipped with ITS nesting system, leather materials can be equipped with ITS2/ITS3 to achieve multi-part & 0 distance cutting with materials saving.
The digital cutting software is a specific design for infinitely creative packaging design. It will be equipped with the most suitable functional modules for the different applications needed. The combination of hardware and software, guarantees a perfect cut effect.
Expand your business and double your capacity!
No matter POS display products, stickers, traffic signs or billboards, etc. Our cutting solutions can improve your cut workflow. Also support a wide range of advertising material applications, which can bring more possibility to your customers, support processing any complex patterns.
Digital sample room knife cutting solutions for garment, footwear, etc industry. from originality designing to product developing, from sample making to mass production. Die-less digital process promote product development periods into fast track, sample development compatible with any format, help you response to customers's need in a short period of time, and increasing the competitiveness of your business.
Facing composites digital cutting with expensive & high production demand, GBOS provide one-stop digital knife cutting solution on how improve cutting quality, enhance material utilization and product on demand.
Digital leather cutting system combine with ITS2 smart nesting system, providing personalized cutting solutions for car seats, furniture, shoes, leather luggage and accessories. Smart cutting is suitable for multiple application scenarios: sample room; online order center; mass production and small volume diversified custom orders, to meet the needs of different operating models for different users.
With the constantly innovating for future underwear manufacturing process, more and more high demand on fabric comfort, traditional cutting process can't meet production requirements, how to solve it? - Try personalized digital cutting.
Since establishment in 2005, GBOS devoted to R&D machines for underwear application all the time. Provide newest technical support for achieving new art-craft and automatic production of special materials.
Smart garment accessories knife digital cutting solution boost small-format multi-layer cutting with flat and no burrs, Optimized and upgraded technology for a perfect cut.
GBOS presents a digital cutting solution, crafting the cutting-edge 'Zero-Die' digital cutting center for the future. From nesting, cutting, and line marking of regular materials to innovative processes for leather, we offer comprehensive solutions that reduce costs and enhance productivity for the "Digital Cutting Center" of the footwear industry!
Wearing brings us fashion, but also challenges. How to realize labor-saving and positioning knife cutting for plaid & striped shirts? How to achieve high precision, high standard, high efficiency cutting, increase your competitiveness?
Guided by the development trend of the apparel market, Equipped with the flexibility of modularization, GBOS provides smart cutting solution for all materials in the apparel industry, and best configuration plan for sample making, small orders, and low-layer.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Service contract; Remote service; Customer service center; Training; Hardware upgrade; Component stock; Special task support; Upgrade/moving/renew; Service at production facility; Sample innovation & development;