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GBOS ITS Nesting Software Center
Advanced material grading, defect recognition, automatic counting and multi-part graphic one key smart nesting make more intelligent for leather production. Leather utilization can be increased and achieve labor saving.

 More convenient than normal patterns 

GBOS nesting software center

This feature is more reasonable compared with the normal patterns arranging. It is easier to operate and waste saving. ITS software is suitable for typesetting regular materials. ITS2 software is suitable for nesting leather. It is capable of arranging odd number of patterns, leftover materials and divided cutting of large patterns.

Automatic nesting software for regular materials —ITS
Automatic nesting software for leather materials —ITS2

Automatic nesting software ——ITS

Divide the code, cut the color of the piece

Can be set according to the number of materials one-key multi-code typesetting, can automatically sort the partition, according to the code typesetting; Automatic knife insert function can help you reduce waste and save materials.

It can meet your requirements for parameter setting and process application of different layers.

Improve the quality of cutting

Automatic nesting software for leather materials ——ITS2

Support the slotting tool

Support QR code generation and reading

Nesting the regular materials automatically

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